OHS - Safety Inspections


The Safety Inspection course provides an overview of safety inspections, why they are conducted, who is responsible for conducting them, what needs to be inspected. Students are taught inspection procedures, documentation and program development, so you can discover how to manage risks and associated costs by identifying potential workplace hazards.

Learning Outcomes

  • Summarize what an inspection is, why inspections are conducted, and what the OHS Regulation has to say about them
  • Identify who should conduct inspections and when they should be conducted
  • Recognize common workplace hazards and how to discover them through inspections
  • Explain the process of planning, conducting, and monitoring inspections

Prerequisites: N/A

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Textbook:  Occupational Health and Safety; Theory, Strategy and Industry Practice Author - Dianne E.G. Dyck Publisher - Lexis Nexis, 2015 ISBN - 978-0-433-47896-6


(You will use this book for all of the courses)

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