OHS - Ergonomics for Injury Prevention and Accommodation


The Ergonomics for Injury Prevention and Accommodation course examines the different areas of study, standards, and approaches relating to ergonomics. The purpose of the course is to sharpen your ability to spot ergonomic hazards and gain an understanding of the ergonomic procedures that fit into the overall occupational health and safety management system of an organization.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Define ergonomics and its place within the elements and processes of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS)
  • Describe MSIs, how to recognize them, and the MSI hazard identification process
  • Recognize different ergonomic hazards in the workplace, including organizational and personal factors that affect them
  • Perform risk analysis to choose and prioritize the best risk control strategies for specific workplace situations
Who should attend:
Students interested in pursuing a career in Occupational Health and Safety, and small employers that want to ensure OH&S practices are being implemented in their organization.

Prerequisites: N/A

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Textbook:  Occupational Health and Safety; Theory, Strategy and Industry Practice Author - Dianne E.G. Dyck Publisher - Lexis Nexis, 2015 ISBN - 978-0-433-47896-6


(You will use this book for all of the courses)

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